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Documentary: Fighting spirit of cpink livestrong braceletommandos pinklivestrongbracelet

Documentary: Fighting spirit of cpink livestrong braceletommandos

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    Here we have a chance to explore the daily lives of the Jiaolong Commando Unit, or Dragon Commandos.

    As one of the most mysterious special forces of the People’s Liberation Army’s navy marine corps, the unit was the major force behind the evacuation of Chinese nationals from war-ravaged Yemen in 2015.

    The Jiaolong Commando unit has capabilities in air, on land, at sea and underwater, and it can also launch sea-based anti-terrorism operations.

    From recruitment, commandos face life-and-death tests of blood and fire, suffering and fatigue, and danger and hardship.

    They have to undergo a series of rigorous tests. Only after one year of super-intensive training with a success rate of less than 50 percent can a trainee grow into an elite special operations soldier.

    To be ready for battle at any time, day or night, every Jiaolong commando has undergone thousands of exercises.

    Each tactical exercise challenges the limits and will of the participants. They may have to train a movement hundreds or even thousands of times in hot climates and sandy environments until these movements are committed to muscle memory.

    Today"s Jiaolong Commandos have produced a number of Jiaolong generals, carrying a tradition of courage and the “Jiaolong spirit” into high leadership.

    Video directed and edited by Chen Xinyu and Gao Wenxuan.

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