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Woman detained for eating,personalized jelly bracelets littering on public transport personalizedjellybracelets

Woman detained for eating,personalized jelly bracelets littering on public transport

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    A woman, surnamed Wang, once dubbed the "chicken feet lady" after she was filmed eating the popular snack on a Shanghai subway train and spitting out the bones on the floor, was detained by the police in Beijing on Tuesday.

    The Beijing Public Security Bureau said on its official Weibo account yesterday Wang, a 37-year-old from Shanghai, ate snacks and spat food residue on the capital"s subway line 13 on Jan 20. It alleged she was suspected of disrupting public transport.

    Passengers on the subway carriage asked Wang to clean up her scattered debris but she refused, leaving the food packages on the subway car and then left, police said.

    Wang"s behavior aroused heated discussion online. Most strongly condemned her, but some took a more understanding attitude.

    The capital"s police said Wang had admitted her actions, and acknowledged she once ate four times on public transport in Shanghai — three times in the subway and once on the bus.

    The Beijing Metro levied a 100 yuan fine for the behavior. Wang said she accepted the decision of the police and will not make the same mistake.

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