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Nepal make your own wristbands no minimumvows to welcome investments

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    Vice-premier calls for boost in cooperation under Belt and Road

    Vice-Premier Wang Yang and Nepali Deputy Prime Minister Bijay Kumar Gachhadar agreed on Tuesday to make joint efforts to further advance pragmatic cooperation between the two countries.

    Calling China and Nepal trustworthy friends and partners for cooperation to their mutual benefit, Wang said China is willing to join hands with Nepal to implement consensuses reached by leaders of the two neighboring nations so as to promote their pragmatic cooperation under the framework of the Belt and Road Initiative.

    Wang called on the two sides to expand their trade and investment; increase connectivity including construction of railways, roads and ports; and enhance cooperation in oil and gas, electricity and clean energy.

    "China is ready to help Nepal increase its energy self-sufficiency," he said.

    Wang said China will bolster its cooperation in healthcare and conduct joint research to improve drinking water quality in Nepali cities.

    Expressing condolences and sympathy for victims of recent floods and landslides in Nepal, Wang said China will continue to provide support in disaster prevention and reconstruction.

    Gachhadar, who is also minister for federal affairs and local development, said Nepal and China share a long history of friendship, and pragmatic cooperation has led to fruitful achievements.

    Gachhadar expressed gratitude for the assistance that China has provided for Nepal"s socioeconomic development, especially assistance to the country"s disaster relief and reconstruction efforts.

    Gachhadar added that Nepal is willing to provide a better investment environment for Chinese enterprises, and he expects more Chinese tourists to visit.

    Wang is on a five-day trip that also took him to Pakistan to attend activities marking the 70th anniversary of Pakistan"s independence.

    On Monday, Pakistani President Mamnoon Hussain met with Wang and vowed to continue to firmly support China on issues concerning China"s core interests, and enhance cooperation with China on international and regional affairs.

    Pakistan and China are "iron friends", he said, noting that Pakistan"s friendship with China forms the foundation of Pakistan"s foreign policy.

    The Pakistani president also pledged that his nation will actively participate in the Belt and Road Initiative and promote the construction of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor.

    Xinhua - China Daily